Görev ve Aksiyon Planının Yönetimi

Plan tasks and actions by your own way

Organizations of all kinds are increasingly concerned with achieving and demonstrating sound performance by controlling their process, products and services. Therefore, managing all tasks and action plans of a company as one cohesive unit is a critical element in overall success, since it ensures visibility of the real status of its projects and processes.


5W2H is a tool for drawing up action plans, which, in its simplicity, objectivity and guidance to action, has been widely used in Project Management, Business Analysis, Business Plan Development, Strategic Planning and other management disciplines. Its structure forces you to consider all aspects of the situation, and the basic guide to implementation includes a synthetic form that answers the following questions:

Tip Sorular Tanımlar
Subject matter What? What exactly do you need to do?
Purpose Why? Why is this action critically important for achieving your vision? Why can’t you just skip it? 
Location Where? Where will the action take place? What other locations are involved? 
Sequence When? When to start (and end) this action? When do related actions need to be started and completed? 
People Who? Who is the best person to put in charge of this action? Who else is involved here? 
Method How? How exactly will this action be activated?
Cost How Much? How much will this attempt cost?

SE Action Plan offers total flexibility for the organization, including:

  • Custom fields, checklists, teams, responsibility routes, identification mask, activity and action plan categorization.
  • Maintenance of actions and action plans in progress.
  • Creation of one or more actions necessary to achieve a result.
  • Action planning with 5W2H tool.
  • Gantt chart with activities dependency configuration for more accurate dates of execution.
  • Creation of action plans from templates.
  • Maintenance of the actions by those responsible for controlling the gaps between what was planned and executed.
  • Charts and graphs: Gantt, bars, horizontal bars, Pareto and pizza.
  • Custom reports and graphs through the interface with SE Analytics.

Screenshots (Click to Enlarge)

Action Plan
Action Plan Management
To do Tasks