Continuous Workforce Optimization

Continuously Improve Both Performance & Quality Of Your Workforce Using Genesys Workforce Optimization & Automated Workflow Management Tools

Today's marketplace leaders are relying on Continuous Workforce Optimization (WFO) where the workforce optimization and contact center infrastructure work together in a fully integrated fashion. Genesys leads the industry with the full integration of both Workforce Optimization (WFO) and the work distribution cycle which delivers advanced levels of workflow management automation and agent performance improvement.

Automation Drives Efficiency, Quality and ComplianceContinuous Workforce Optimization is fueled by highly accurate speech analytics, text analytics and employee performance analytics for every customer interaction. Unlike most other interaction analytics solutions, Genesys Speech and Text Analytics can automatically trigger various cross-WFO workflows to instantly notify a supervisor or influence scheduling and routing without human intervention. This workflow management software automatically removes repetitive manual interventions across the WFO lifecycle and improves your business performance and the customer experience.Integration Comes Standard with Automated Workflow ManagementContinuous Workforce Optimization from Genesys offers the full range of capabilities you can expect from an industry-leading WFO Suite. Built on the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, it offers a high level of workflow management automation through the use of shared common application services, such as a consolidated user-skills database, and schedule-based routing for both front and back office tasks.



Continuous WFO Workforce Lifecycle & Automated Workflow

Unlike other workforce optimization solutions, Genesys Continuous Workforce Optimization is seamlessly integrated with the Genesys Routing capabilities so that you can obtain leading workforce optimization capabilities and your contact center infrastructure from one vendor. Additionally, Genesys offers industry-leading expertise through Genesys Guru, a portfolio of managed services that help maximize your resources and workforce optimization investment by delivering best practices and actionable insights for improving customer experiences.