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Most businesses and organizations perform their work based on certain processes and rules.  

However, these business processes are often not documented but remain in the business users heads.

Business users - such as analysts, managers and consultants - have often struggled to document their business processes because no easy to use tools have been available for this purpose.

 SProcess Management, Process Mapping, Publication, Execution and Control, Preventive and Corrective Actions, Performance Evaluation


This generates a mish-mash of different files and formats that are difficult to share and so results in half-hearted attempts at process documentation that are often incomplete at best or even inaccurate at worst.

SE Process is a visual, easy-to-use and advanced business process modeling and analysis tool that help business users to understand, document, and deploy business process better.

With a comprehensive set of tools, SE Process software empowers business users to write business logic, connect to existing applications and assemble user interfaces for human interaction.

Through its central repository, SE Process allows multiple modelers to work on developing and maintaining process models concurrently.

Furthermore, the web-based deployment makes business process knowledge permanently accessible to users.

This enterprise process repository guarantees simple navigation through multiple levels of process hierarchy.

The concepts and features provided by SE Process meet all requirements established by international standards and regulations, such as

The concepts and features provided by SE Process meet all requirements established by international standards and regulations, such as BPMN, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, COSO, FDA, ISO 22000 [HACCP], ISO 20000 [ITIL], COBIT, OHSAS 18000, ISO/TS 16949, ISO/IEC 17025 and others.

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Inter-Process Matrix
İnput Output Diagram
Process input/output matrix
Process optimization engine
Process simulation report


Process Discovery

  • Supports end-to-end process discovery and captures essential process data.
  • Processes can be directly mapped based on the WfMC XPDL standard.
  • Collaborative environment to define business process details such as inputs/outputs, resources, costs, time and specific calendars.
  • Imports existing Microsoft Visio business processes (VDX).
  • Complete cross-functional process documentation for better communication between departments.

Process Modeling

  • Powerful business-oriented modeling tool empowers business users to write, manage, and modify rules to better match business needs.
  • High productivity and reusability due to the central repository.
  • Company-wide distributed design of business processes.
  • Generates easy to understand and top-notch graphical process flowcharts.
  • Supports drill-down from a high level view of the process to individual activities.
  • Automates process revision control and change notification.
  • Creates multi-maps that combine individual process maps into a single map representing the overall business process.

Process Simulation

  • Fully integrated simulation designer allows users to create “what-if” scenarios.
  • Process routes are automatically distributed by the system or can be defined by users.
  • Runs discrete event simulations and supports probabilistic or deterministic methods.
  • Performs activity-based cost and resource utilization analysis during simulation.
  • Powerful animation displays key statistics and cost data in real-time.
  • Users can regulate animation speed and perform a step-by-step simulation.
  • Allows users to identify potential bottlenecks by exploring “what-if” scenarios.

Process Publishing

  • Delivers optimized, ready-to-run business processes.
  • Supports regulatory compliance through the detailed description of each process.
  • Drill down through multiple levels of process hierarchy.
  • Fully integrated enterprise content management [ECM] solution to support process distribution.

Process Optimization

  • Optimizes business process by using process performance reports.
  • Illustrates the main process elements with effective process analysis tools such as Turtle Diagram and Input & Output diagram.
  • Enables managers to continually improve processes through round-trip engineering.
  • Accelerates cycle times by eliminating bottlenecks and reducing hand-offs.
  • Provides simulation capabilities to optimize processes and map objectives.
  • Complete control over process revision through versioning and history functions.

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