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In order to improve customer loyalty, strengthen customer relationships and brand image, and achieve solid differentiation, organizations must continually improve their products and services.

Continuous improvements involve collecting and analyzing information, identifying and investigating the current quality of services, products and processes, and then taking the relevant action, whether it is corrective and/or preventive. This allows companies to deal with quality issues appropriately, thereby ensuring improved quality management throughout the entire organization.

SE Incident offers a set of features that allow organizations to manage and control the quality of their services, products and processes, from identification to remedial actions, identification of root causes, CAPA resolution and closure 

                                                                      IT Incidents 


SE Incident is a unique software solution that allows anyone to report any quality situation at any time. These may include:

IT Incidents

  • Incidents related to IT system anomalies reported by users.

Quality Nonconformances

  • Non-conformances related to incoming materials and finished goods.
  • Deviations in manufacturing processes.
  • Compliance variances in performance improvement processes.
  • Near-misses to help identify and mitigate potential problems and systemic risks.

The SE Incident process is aligned with key elements of the major frameworks such as ISO, FDA and ITIL. However, the configurable workflow, forms and business rules mean that the system can be set up to match the organization’s unique requirements.

The improved capability to quickly identify and contain quality issues allows SE Incident to:

  • Improve user and customer satisfaction.
  • Proactively identify possible enhancements.
  • Reduce disruptions.
  • Reduce quality-related costs.
  • Reduce risks and eliminate audit errors and inconsistencies.
  • Minimize processing errors, facilitate faster response times, and help ensure process compliance.

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IT Incidents
        IT Incidents
 Quality Nonconformances
 Quality Nonconformances

IT Incidents

The objective of the Incident Management process is to achieve timely resolution of any IT system anomaly, with minimum disruption to both the business and user, at a cost-effective price.

IT organizations will always be under intense pressure to meet service levels while controlling costs. Incident management requires a careful balance between proactive activities to minimize incidents in the first place, and the ability to effectively and efficiently respond and resolve incidents.

SE Incident can effectively reduce incidents and deliver real cost savings. The full incident lifecycle is easily managed from the initial report, and continues on through the phases of restoration, investigation, corrective action assignment and reporting.

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A non-conformance is an observation that indicates a policy or practice contrary to the requirements of applicable standards or documented procedures. In Quality Management, any incident that may impact customer's satisfaction, whether a complaint, deviation or compliance variance, is classified as a non-conformance and must be resolved as quickly as possible.

Incident and non-conformance identification is one of the most critical aspects of an organization’s Quality Management System. Any non-conformance has a direct impact over customer satisfaction, so every second counts when it comes to identifying and taking containment actions to minimize related impacts and risks.  

Using a simple, efficient and reliable approach, SE Incident allows your organization to quickly identify and resolve non-conformances, complaints, deviations and compliance variances at any level or process: from manufacturing to strategic management. As every company has different needs, deadlines and specific characteristics when it comes to non-conformance resolution, SE Incident creates an infinite number of customizable workflows that address any type of incident.


  • Hierarchically classifies incidents, allowing users to quickly register and locate incident records.
  • Defines incident priority levels based on customized quality management parameters.
  • Assigns tasks and responsibilities to individuals and controls their execution.
  • Allows for the creation of a fully customized responsibility models and workflows that meet all incident management needs.
  • Creates incident records throughout the auditing process, allowing for immediate responses to the compliance variations found in audits.
  • Automatic, real time registration of incidents whenever a key performance indicator reaches a critical level or tends to do so.
  • Applies multiple corrective and containment actions based on 5W2H at any step of an incident resolution process.
  • Fully personalized forms for incident records that allow users to create statistics, charts and reports based on data gathered throughout the incident management process.
  • Identifies which machines, processes or documents are related to the non-conformance.
  • Submits incident records to a final quality control and customer satisfaction survey using checklists.

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