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Modern organizations today are being challenged to do more with less, to deliver higher levels of service at lower costs, and with fewer resources. No resource is more important to any organization than people; however, staff productivity is difficult to track yet critically important. Besides, personnel must adhere to company policies and procedures overlaid with increasing regulatory constraints.  At the same time, organizations must keep their employees happy and engaged.

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SE Time Control is an automated, cost effective time recording, time tracking, time billing and scheduling software. SE Time Control streamlines the resource management process, enabling efficiencies that result in increased operational performance and reduced costs.

SE Time Control is designed to fulfill many organizational needs at once, such as:

  • Project management to update project status from the timesheet.
  • Payroll for timesheet data validation and time off tracking.
  • Human Resources to identify the most needed competences and skills.
  • Finances for accurately capturing billable time.
  • Manufacturing for the optimized use of physical assets (equipments, machines, tools, moulds, instruments).
  • Field services for distributing assignments and tracking time by job, cost or skills.

SE Time Control makes it extremely easy to perform resource time tracking against any job, choose the right people according to the desired role or competence, enter billable and non-billable times, and compares expected revenue to the total costs of the task.

 SE Time Control helps managers:

  • Increase resource utilization by matching workload with the appropriate resources.  
  • Reduce operational costs by more accurately assigning working costs.
  • Improve profitability by tightening up loose processes and policy enforcement.
  • Increase employee morale and reduce turnover by more effectively using skilled workers.

SE Time Control integrates seamlessly with other SoftExpert applications such as SE Project for tracking time and billing of projects, SE Competence and SE Training for managing skill requirements and allocating the right people in the right task, SE Asset for asset allocation and time tracking, and many of the 20+ SoftExpert tools for comprehensive workforce management.  

It also integrates with other key corporate systems, including HR, Payroll and Finances. It allows full integration of all resource information, including cost and billing rates. It also integrates actual hours and budgeted and actual costs and revenue information with payroll and financial systems via Web services API. 

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Resource calendar
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      Resource Management

  • Resources can be either an employee or an asset.
  • Allocate work to generic resources instead of choosing a specific employee or asset for forecasting purposes or to indicate resource shortages. A generic resource can be later replaced by a user or an asset. 
  • Assign roles and skill levels to resources.
  • Provide insights into asset utilization by analyzing assets by working status, assigned status and project allocation.
  • Generate reports on the assets assigned to a project or task.
  • Find people by skill or competence and immediately see their future availability.

      Project Management

  • Balance project budgets, internal and external resource needs, time frames, and available capacity.
  • Track project teams, timesheets, billing and chargeback reports.
  • Check planned versus actual time usage.
  • Manage multiple constraints and schedule the best employees based on their availability or competence.
  • Schedule meetings, enforce employee presence, and request minute signatures.

      Non-project related activity management

  • Set up activities with estimated costs, revenues and deadlines.
  • Assign resources to tasks and view real-time estimates as they enter their time.
  • Manage multiple constraints and schedule the best employees based on their availability or competence.
  • Track team tasks, timesheets, billing and chargeback reports.
  • Run progress evaluations and follow-ups based on percentage to completion.
  • View real-time work status and documentation on-line.
  • Ensure that overruns are identified and acted upon as early as possible.
  • Customizable workflows for task planning, execution and closing.
  • Schedule meetings, enforce employee presence, and request minute signatures.


  • Track employee and contractor timesheets using full featured on-line and easy to use time entry tools.
  • Enter time from anywhere with or without an Internet connection with the offline timesheet.
  • Record and track time automatically from a stopwatch timer or barcode reader device.
  • Insert comments describing work performed that are associated with time entries.
  • Use customizable fields for greater flexibility.
  • Timesheets come with pre-populate activities, but other activities can be added if permitted.
  • Timesheet approval with support of fully customizable approval route.
  • Timesheets can be set up to use overtime rules.
  • Time billing with tracking of billable and non-billable time records
  • Detailed and summarized view of all time records using different reports.

       Schedule calendar

  • Manage resource’s usage and availability in one central work scheduling view to get a complete and instant picture of your resource pool.
  • Employees can use “my schedule” to view their convenient monthly, color-coded calendar of current and upcoming work, meetings, and time off.
  • Quickly view resource allocations to quickly identify and resolve scheduling conflicts, activity overlaps, resource overloads or under-allocation.
  • Compare planned versus actual time usage.
  • View schedules for a single department, across multiple departments, according to competence, or function.  


  • Base rates on projects, tasks, roles, users or assets, including hourly or fixed.
  • Bill time against projects or non-project related activities.
  • Customizable workflow-driven approval of billing and chargeback reports.


  • Integrate workforce scheduling data, budget and actual cost, and budget and actual revenue with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Resources, Payroll, and Financial systems.  
  • Integrate chargeback and billing reports into accounting systems for accurate cost allocation and to accurately generate Account Receivables and Payables.  

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